With Hard Work, Anything is Possible

Hello and welcome to our store! My name is Jared and my wife Alecia and I are parents to 4 small boys who keep us busy, entertained, and of course humble. In 2014 we decided to leave our day jobs to pursue a dream of owning our own business. We had nothing but a vision and a desire to work hard. With determination, no sleep, and countless hours of designing and building, Firwood Forest transformed into something bigger than we ever imagined. We are incredibly proud of this business and so thankful for all the customers who have made it what it is today.

Our efforts in owning a small business have always been in the hopes to one day pass on a successful shop to our children. A lot of care, appreciation and love is put into every piece that we offer to our customers and we do not sell anything that we wouldn't display in our own home. Thank you for supporting our dream and for helping carve out a brighter future for our boys!!

Jared and Alecia